Monday, June 29, 2009

Too close

... and then it got weird

Enjoy this. You'll know when it takes a turn into "What?!" territory.

Hmmm. Oh. Ohhhhh!

Don't just glance over this picture. Give it a good look. Now keep looking.

(To see it bigger visit -


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Avast Ye Matey!

Flaming Crater

Created by an accidental explosion as a result of natural gas exploratory drilling in 1986.



Friday, June 26, 2009


Kitten riding Chicken


Apparently the translation for his scream "NANDE?!" at the end, means "WHY?!"

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Eyes vs. No Eyes

How not to lose.

Worst Pitch Ever!

I'm guessing it's a competition or publicity style thing where someone of some status gets to throw the first pitch of the game. Here are the most awful throws ever.

Plus one including a dinosaur. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Watch til the end. It gets kind of weird.


Hooray for the Youtube generation. You know the incredible thing you did at school and wish your friend saw?

Kitchen River

A Chinese man dug a 50 ft cave down into his kitchen that met up with an underwater river - so he could go fishing. Cool.

Father of the Year

Actor Needed

Read this. It's good. Nothing more needs to be said.


Believe it or not, this thing is real. This is to be added to my 'want' list. Here's the full article on this super cool mp3 player.

Facial Hair

This is an article about what your facial hair really says about you. Seeing as I have an inability to grow any, I was thrown into the "Clean Shaven" category, which is said to be "Good for: Children & Women".


Monday, June 22, 2009


Yup. Porn. Someone has made a porn site with hundreds of links of XXX pics...... all drawn in MS Paint. Don't be afraid to open up some of the more adventurous porn categories. I think it made me become a fan of vegetable porn.

Cool Clip

Older men

3 Wishes


This is an image of 5 family members that have had an individual photo taken of them every year starting in 1976. I suppose the result is worth planning ahead.


I Ran... again

Watch this video til the end. Protesters get their own in Iran.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Best of Photography

Dream Job?


Check this video out. It's like the Scary Banana but towards the end, fans fight back:

And also, from the the same team comes this mascot. Totally awesome video:

Polar Sun

The never setting sun at the North Pole.

Man vs. Toaster

I am slightly more into Geoglogy

Who's with me?

The Jesus Car

This thing drives on water. Not like some sort of James Bond Car. This one actually drives ON water.

And the Oscar goes to...

Max Chill

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cloud Mower

Bat trick

Blink and you'll miss it

Abandoned Cities

Awesome photo's of abandoned cities around the world. The first is my favourite by far but look through the rest of them for incredible places like the walled in Hong Kong city.


Here's the deal. Download the new Explorer web browser that enables you to find a certain page on the internet. That page offers $10,000 to the person who finds it first. In short, an internet treasure hunt. Personally, I'm happy with my Firefox. For anyone who's feeling searchy -

Mr Giggles

Cat vs Rottweiler

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Danny Devito

Drunk and drinking on morning television. Awkward at best.

Surf's Up

Panama Canal

Cool stuff. I can safely say I've never seen it in action.

Megan Fox

but I like this one better

Super star

So we've probably all seen the girl that got 56 stars on her face instead of 3. There was an alleged case of 'miscommunication'. Here she is:

But I think it's her artist that's the money shot:

If you want the full article - here it is:

Alien Caterpillar

Monday, June 15, 2009

Close Call

Plane crash. Not the spectacular explosions and wreckage kind - crazy none the less.

Whoa!..... *click*



Partly Cloudy

Pixar animation. Kind of similar to the beginning of Dumbo. Awesome concept.


Yahoo Answers #03

Yahoo Answers provides again. "How to tell if your son is gay"

Our House

Friday, June 12, 2009

Click away

Go to this website and move your mouse and click. Why are we stuck with the crappy dud ads like the KFC one's when people come up with awesome stuff like this.

Ah, dammit...

... I am never drinking with you assholes again.

Kittens for Sale

Much like the guy who tried to pay for his bill with the picture of the spider. This one is short and to the point.

For Sale


A 14 year old kid was hit in the hand by a meteorite travelling at 30,000mph. Supposedly a one-in-a-million chance. He still has his hand, but with a 3 inch scar. I want pictures!

Old Lucas vs. New Lucas

Musical Reference Bonanza

There's no point counting how many he makes. Just try to avoid hurting your jaw when it falls open.


Get your tin foil hats on everybody. The Air France plane crash just got weirder.

Mc Hammered

I suppose it's right on time that MC Hammer got his own reality show. If you're a once upon a time musical celebrity, the chances are, it's buried somewhere in your future career path. This interview is just a plug on the show.

Watch the whole thing if you like but skip to 3.30 if you want to see a seriously uncomfortable moment.

Oh no!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is so well done I almost forget it's stop motion.


World's scariest Banana

No need for title

This is simply awesome.

Some things...

... don't change

The Sad Giant

A giant marionette from the Estuary 2009 Arts Festival in Nantes. Sometimes bigger is just better.

For more images go here